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About Blue Lace

Blue Lace strives to always be a few steps ahead. We are experts in keeping the wedding party organized and bring years of experience to every wedding and every situation. We’ve done weddings in church venues, backyards, on a mountain side, and everywhere in between. Success in creating a smooth event is achieved through communication, pre-planning, and a foundation of trust.

Event planning has been a part of my DNA as I grew up always being around big, loud, Italian family gatherings. I fell in love with hosting people and sending each person home with a great, fun memory from whichever celebration I had just planned. This developed more and more over the years as our families grew and I started a family of my own. 

It has always been a joy for me to keep the flow of any event going so that everyone could have a fabulous and memorable time.


At any and every event, whether it be major or minor, something is guaranteed to happen that wasn’t expected or planned. My goal is to be sure that the issue is resolved so seamlessly that the couple never even knew it happened. Trust me, there are a lot my previous clients don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, and I love that! I want the only thing they remember looking back to be how incredible the day was.

My hope is that my clients see me as a voice of reason, a creative genius (guru) who can solve any predicament, a valued resource, a passionate coordinator, and a friend.


My favorite hobby is working on Diamond paintings. Each piece takes about 1.5 years to finish. 

"I can’t wait to meet the next couple that wants my hand in coordinating their wedding."


Meet Laura, the owner

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